Behind the Scenes: 10 Field Work Fails

As I have mentioned before, and as many fellow researchers have experienced first-hand, when it comes to field work something always goes wrong. Here are 10 field work fails that have happened to me. For more amusing anecdotes, check out twitter’s #fieldworkfail.

  1. When you think a fish is dead and then it flops off your co-worker’s arm and hits you in the face.bring-out-your-dead
  2. When you’re canoeing down a stream and manage to get stuck sideways on the one shallow riffle.riffle
  3. When you’re tracking fish with radio-telemetry and smack yourself in the forehead with the antenna.telemetry
  4. When you and the divers are joking about shark attacks and you turn to see a fin in the water……it’s a dolphin.066
  5. When you forget to pack a lunch and have to beg from your co-workers.vQxEBG25P6_1410180775472
  6. When you fall on your butt in the stream immediately after you’ve just been told ‘Oh be careful!”maxresdefault
  7. When you’re too busy to remember to eat and almost pass out and fall out of the boat.when-someone-says-i-forgot-to-eat-i-think-they-must-be-a-special-kind-of-stupid-i-plan-my-entire-life-around-eating-da951
  8. When you’re so focused on finding your fish that you don’t notice the signs…… ‘Private Property’, ‘Keep Out’, ‘You’re in our sights’…. oops.shot
  9. When you’re shucking oysters and a little crab grabs your finger and just won’t. let. go.crab
  10. When the boat runs out of gas and you have to wait two hours for Sea Tow.tow

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